Getting Students to Talk to Each Other, Rather than the Teacher

In class discussions, students often speak only to the teacher—and the teacher responds to every point. Inspired by Stephen D. Brookfield and Stephen Preskill’s Discussion as a Way of Teaching, I’ve written a structured protocol for class discussion that gets students talking to each other. So far, it’s leads to much more give-and-take among students.

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Why Plagiarism Doesn’t Bother Me At All: A Research-Based Overview of Plagiarism as Educational Opportunity

Gerald Nelms explains how student plagiarism is very often less of a cut-and-dried crime than it appears. Research shows that successfully avoiding plagiarism—while also paraphrasing and integrating material from sources—requires complex skills that take time and practice to develop. We can see instances of plagiarism as opportunities to help students learn these skills.

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Teaching Journals and Conferences, Kennesaw State University

Those looking for journals to read or conferences to attend on teaching and learning should consult two impressive lists curated by Thomas Pusateri at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Kennesaw State University: Teaching Journals Directory and Teaching Conferences Directory. These “comprehensive” directories include more than 300 items each.

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