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Those looking for journals to read or conferences to attend on teaching and learning should consult two impressive lists curated by Thomas Pusateri at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Kennesaw State University: Teaching Journals Directory and Teaching Conferences Directory.

These “comprehensive” directories include more than 300 items each. Entries in the directories provide titles, sponsoring organizations, topic tags, links, and, for journals, short descriptions. The lists can be browsed as well as sorted by topic, discipline and, for conferences, location. They are maintained regularly, with new items added and current items kept updated twice a year.

The directories are a popular resource for college teachers and faculty developers, it appears. In 2012 the lists received more than 30,000 visitors and more than 60,000 pageviews, according to Pusateri who has maintained and developed the lists since 2006. As of this writing, the directories also appear in the number one position for Google search results for the search terms “teaching journals” and “teaching conferences” respectively.

An extension of KSU’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, the directories reflect what Pusateri described in an email as the Center’s “strong ethos of sharing resources and expertise” and “commitment to nurturing leadership in faculty development, both nationally and internationally.”

Obviously, college teachers and others will find these directories useful for looking up journals and conferences in specific disciplines or regions or on specific teaching and learning topics of interest. But I recommend the directories for several other purposes as well.

First, spending just a few minutes browsing both lists in their entirety can give one a sense of the scope, range, and focus of existing journals and conferences, a sense of where the terrain lies in current discussions on teaching and learning.

Second, seeing that there are so many scholarly projects on teaching and learning and so many people involved can be quite encouraging, especially given the setbacks we often face in promoting teaching and learning on individual campuses. These lists show that we have many resources and many partners in this work.


Hat tip to Laura Cruz for pointing out these directories on the POD Listserv.

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