I Will Read One Book This Year

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I will read at least one book on teaching and learning
this academic year.

—College Teachers Everywhere?

In one survey, only 8 percent of college teachers reported “taking any account” of research on teaching and learning into preparing their courses.

This post presents the first annual Teaching & Learning in Higher Ed. reading drive.

I’m inviting college teachers and others involved in college teaching and learning to commit or plan to read at least one book on teaching and learning this school year.

To participate, simply respond to the poll to the right and then go read a book.

Looking for something good to read? Consider these lists of core readings and more core readings.

To support this reading drive, share this post with colleagues.

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7 responses to “I Will Read One Book This Year

  1. What great encouragement! Right now I am a student studying math-education so of cores I am required to do a lot of reading in a number of books. Right now I am reading through Maryrellen Weimer’s book, Learner-Centered Teaching. This book has given me a whole new way of looking at teaching. I would recommend this book and also think it is always a great Idea to be reading current writings in one’s field. I hope to do this when I get into the professional world in order to keep my thinking from getting stagnate.

  2. This is such a good idea. Teachers, and all professionals, should stay up-to-date in their field. It can’t be that hard to read at least one book on teaching every year. I think that teachers should be some of the most educated people on their own field.

    • Teachers are already the most educated in our own fields and do stay up to date, that is, depending on how we define our fields. The standard is that one’s field is considered to be the specific discipline (history, math, literature, etc.) but not the teaching thereof. I would like more teachers to become doubly-expert. But even that is not necessarily necessary. Doubly-proficient should be enough.

      • Hey, I just lost my blog into the black hole. so if you read this a second time …. My commitment is to read at least one book on per year on education and learning. such a small request for the responsibility that we owe our students who are paying more and more for education.
        Please read this I am…. reading amazing insight into critical learning and how often it is missed in teaching.
        “Discontinuity in Learning: Dewey, Herbart and Education as Transformation” by English, Andrea R. (Apr 16, 2013)
        Yes this is written by my daughter who is a professor in a Canadian University.
        Nancy English Ph. D.
        Assistant Professor
        College of Nursing
        University of Colorado

      • Nancy, I agree. And thanks for this reading recommendation of the book by your daughter. It looks useful.

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