Annotated Bibliography on Teaching Literature, Runge et al.

Laura Runge  Photo from Runge's Website

Laura Runge
Photo from Runge’s Website

This online Annotated Bibliography on Literature Pedagogy put together by Laura L. Runge should prove useful for those interested in scouting out readings on teaching and learning beyond the ones on our reading lists.

Going over this bibliography would be a good way to collect several titles for later reading while becoming familiar with a wider range of texts at the same time.

The main focus of this bibliography is on teaching literature, as its title indicates. Key texts covered on teaching literature include work by Robert Scholes, Sheridan Blau, Gerald Graff, and quite a few articles from the journal Pedagogy. But the list also deals with college teaching and learning more generally and includes work by C. Roland ChristensenMaryellen Weimer, and Parker Palmer, among others.

This list has nearly 100 entries (to date). Most of the entries deal with individual articles or chapters. There are also a good number of  monographs as well as separate sections on classroom texts, websites, and journals. Most of the annotations are just a paragraph or so. It would not take long to read the entire list.

Runge is Professor of English at USF. The entries are mostly written by PhD students in her practicums on Teaching Literature, going back to 2004 (including, I should note, several entries that I wrote).

This bibliography promotes better teaching and learning in higher education by getting graduate students to read the scholarship, by making a list of titles and annotations freely available for others to read, and by making a public statement, simply by existing, that reading the scholarship matters.


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