Higher Education Reform through Pedagogical Development

One of the highest priorities for higher education reform is for individual teachers to develop their own pedagogical insight and practice so that they can then join with one another to effectively promote broad and effective structural and cultural changes from within higher education. In order to develop pedagogically, few things could be more valuable than for teachers to read and put into practice current theory and research on teaching and learning.

Despite what we often hear, teachers are not the problem. But they are the solution. Teachers represent a massive amount of too-often-untapped potential for meaningful higher education reform. Certainly, administrators, legislators, trustees, parents, students and others constituencies need to come on board with meaningful reform. Institutional structures also need to be reworked. And in fact, the broader cultures within which such institutions exist need to change.

But who better to get the ball rolling in the right direction than a critical mass of teachers who read and can put into practice current research and theory on higher education and who, therefore, can come together to promote and implement effective and meaningful reforms?


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