Why Learn about Learning? For the Love of Learning


We who teach ought to read about learning. It is a professional obligation, even if not always a cultural or contractual one. But it’s not just an obligation. It’s not just that we “ought” to do it like we “ought to floss twice a day.”

It’s also enjoyable. If we love learning, we ought to read about learning just like, if we’re into food, we “ought to check out the new Filipino restaurant downtown.”

If you love learning, you’ll love learning about learning as much as wine connoisseurs love vineyard tours and tastings.

My desire to learn grows with time. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. And, although I enjoy learning new things, I most enjoy learning more deeply about things I already know, growing in expertise, learning at the level that can make a real difference in my practice and perception.

Learning about teaching and learning is simultaneously satisfying and dissatisfying. When I learn more, I feel good about it, while simultaneously coming to see how much more I still don’t know, a common experience for life-long learners in any area.

Why learn about learning? For the love of learning.

Modified photo by Miniar


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